Business Opportunities

Building stronger relationships in travel

With entrepreneurial vision, CT Travel Group has benefited from considerable growth over the years. The group have a proven track record for supporting and operating new and existing businesses on a multitude of levels, from providing call centre facilities with highly trained staff, selling over multiple platforms and products, through to licensing and bonding. The Board of Directors are happy to discuss any potential business ideas, both within and outside of the travel industry.

Our management team are also available on a consultation basis to assist with all aspects of setting up and operating your business.

The skills, business systems and processes we have in place for our own business, allow other travel businesses to ‘dovetail’ into our operation, whilst retaining their own corporate identity. CT Travel Group also offers product representation and marketing in the UK – so if you have a product or service that you would like to develop, you may be able to benefit from our database and marketing expertise.

If you have an idea or proposal, please call me on 01892 673420 for an initial discussion.

Mark Kempster
Founder & CEO