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“We aim to lead the way in providing travel solutions to business and leisure travel clients around the world by embracing the latest technology and providing outstanding customer service”

Mark Kempster
Founder & CEO

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CT Travel Group offers a comprehensive solution to all your travel needs. We have an enviable reputation within the world of business and leisure travel and our goal is simple…we deliver what we promise.

Latest Company News

25 Oct 2018

CT Travel Group’s leisure brands start trading under one name

For the past 3 years leisure travel brands Pettitts Travel, Medway Leisure Travel and Packyourbags Travel have been operating side by side under the CT Travel Group umbrella. With both CT Travel Group and Pettitts Travel celebrating their 30th anniversaries this year, it was decided that 2018 was the right time to review the leisure operation of the business, and the decision has now been made to bring all three leisure brands together, under the Pettitts Travel name.


26 Sep 2018

Pathfinder Trade and Invest Opportunity Arabia Conference success

On the 19th September, Pathfinder Trade and Invest organised the ‘Opportunity Arabia – Oil and Beyond’ Conference. This is the 14th time the conference has taken place but the first time Pathfinder Trade and Invest have organised it under its new patronage. The conference was very successful with 20 speakers secured and around 120 delegates attending.


29 May 2018

Pathfinder Trade and Invest in Saudi Arabia

Earlier this month David Lloyd, Senior Consultant for Pathfinder Trade and Invest, returned from Saudi Arabia where he was preparing for the September ‘Opportunity Arabia – Oil and Beyond’ conference.